Meet the Band

The Autotunes at The Teachers’ Lounge, 2016


Jeremy Lynn Woodall - Vocals, Guitars, Piano, Writer, Engineer, Producer

Steven G Knight - Bass Guitar, Booking, PR, Co-Producer

Hired guns - Drums

About The Grinders

Jeremy Lynn Woodall & The Grinders carry on the Outlaw tradition with the release ‘Surrogate Son-A Tribute To Billy Joe Shaver’ this coming January. 15 songs penned by one of Outlaw Country’s celebrated innovators.

Hand picked by Eddy Shaver himself to replace him, Jeremy Lynn Woodall is best known for his 15 year stint as lead guitarist for legendary country songwriter Billy Joe Shaver. He appears on Shaver's Tribute (Compadre' Records 2003), Greatest Hits (Compadre' 2006), and Live at Billy Bobs CD and DVD (Smith Music Group 2012) . With Shaver, Jeremy toured the continental United States, United Kingdom, and Canada many times over. Jeremy began writing and performing songs as a toddler and has been fortunate enough to make music his career for his entire adult life.

JEREMY LYNN WOODALL & THE GRINDERS began in 2005 when Jeremy began collecting songs he'd written for various local acts that he played for over the early part of his career in order to create a CD and form an original band. Jeremy performs and writes in the outlaw country/southern rock vein with a heavy lean towards Texas guitar. Jeremy recorded the songs mainly by himself with help from his lifelong drummer Shannon Bright. The band went through countless lineup changes over the first few years. As a result, the first album was retracked four times. Shaver appears via cameo on "Georgia On A Fast Train" and "Black Rose", both penned by Shaver. In March of 2009 the group released their first album "One Horse Town" (Burnt House Records 2009) and began touring in support of the disc. Touring dates included Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Mississippi.

The band quickly made fans with their high energy performances and use of crowd participation. They also filmed a video for the first albums' title track (One Horse Town) at a popular local spot where the group often performs for capacity-size crowds. The video was shopped to various country music channels and other media outlets like Youtube, Reverbnation, and Spotify where it stills receives steady plays.

Jeremy and Shannon went back into the studio in January of 2010 to begin work on the bands 2nd CD. Halfway through the tracking process Shannon was diagnosed with stage two melanoma. Over the next two years the Grinders took a hiatus as Shannon battled the disease. Sadly, Shannon lost his battle in early December of 2011 . The CD was shelved and the band only performed once during the next 18 months, using a fill-in drummer to play a benefit.

"I was depressed" Jeremy adds... "I'd lost my best friend and musical partner. We had a chemistry that was undeniable and stepping onstage without him just didnt feel right for a very long time."

During that time off, Jeremys album made its way into the hands of long-time Dallas bassist Steven G. Knight. Steven contacted Jeremy in 2012 to ask where the group went and eventually the talk tuned to interest in possibly reviving the Grinders someday. A year later the two met to rehearse and began to reform the band.
Steve's career since 1980 has consisted of playing hard rock, southern rock, country, modern worship music, to acoustic folk. Self taught, influenced by his older brother and Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Scorpions, Sting, Queensryche, Iron Maiden etc... Fresh out of High School, Steven performed with the 1980's chart hitting Dallas rock band "Bellicose" -named ZRock's band of the year with the album "Love on Ice". Steve has also recorded and performied with XTRA, Quick Fix, Roulette, Outcast, Junkyard Mars, Stand2Reason, SuperNova Remnant, and even a couple of shows with Jeremy and Billy Joe Shaver... Steven toured the country opening for Tesla with a rock band out of New York but quickly came home to Texas to resume with the Grinders

"Steve basically came along and picked up the pieces and got me going again. He's been the backbone of this operation since the day he joined. Tons of heart and talent. Every band needs a guy like him. I just got really lucky"

Jeremy is also writing a book about his life in music and his amazing fifteen-year ride around the globe with the original Honky Tonk Hero.

Stay tuned . Were just getting started.